Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Busy does not even describe my life right now. Cosmetology school this semester is a lot more of theory less practical hands on work! which in turn means more studying! I believe people look down on cosmetologist, but what people don't know is we have to take chemistry and anatomy, physiology, we have to learn diseases and disorders! This semester is definitely INTENSE!
Along with that I have been trying to plan my daughters 1st birthday! It crept upon me, I didn't realize how fast MAY would be here. So I have also been doing that.

So for my fellow youtube followers, thats why it has been a while since I made a video. But I promise promise new videos coming soon! My latest video was for the makeupbyrenren contest

I didn't win, but its okay. You win some you lose some. For me its all for fun and for the love of makeup! But I forgot to mention I did win for BOWENSMA's contest! I got 2nd place. I will be sure to post the video soon of my prizes!
So this weekend or Sunday I will be attending the makeup show in LA for the day! Im going to fly in in the morning and come back at night! So hopefully I will have a pretty cool haul and update for you all when i get back!
And Lastly, I am officially an NYX cosmetics sales rep! Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing product, or if you know anyone who wants to throw a Makeup party! email me @!

Until next time.


  1. let me know what i can do to help you with the princess' bday

  2. i "try" to do make-up on myself, but i really enjoyed watching this to see how you apply it. i felt like i learned some new things. you should try to do more of these, often :]