Friday, January 23, 2009


Single Black female addicted to retail, is more than an understatement for me!
I feel like I absolutely NEED a new handbag, but we all know it is just a WANT! Not only am I full time student with no job since maternity leave of march 08 haha, but I have a daughter that we have to take care of. But just in case there is anyone out there reading this and finds it in there heart to purchase one for me, here they are!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Roses Speedy 30
Price: $1310.00- that's all!
inspired by artist Stephen Sprouse
Limited Edition!!
Must have.


Purse #2
Louis Vuitton Epi Leather
I would love it in Grenade- a magenta
or Cassis-eggplant (shown below)
A classic bag that i can use for years to come!

Both of these purses can be classics, and will never go out of style!
Love them, want them!
Let's spend money and get this economy back up! hehe.



  1. i am loving the EPI Speedy! i'm overdue for a handbag too. maybe i should go shopping in my mom's closet! hahah.

  2. I have never owned a really expensive bag before because, uh, I can't afford it, but also cuz I never really cared before, lol. But I have been having this recent obsession with balenciaga bags. I know exactly which one I want and I am determined to make it my first designer handbag. It's even called "First." Oh yeah, and its only $1195, lol.

  3. riiight! thats a really cute bag!